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Green Dakara x Bakemono no Ko

Дата выпуска: с 24.06.2015 по 11.07.2015
Количество серий: 2 по 15 сек.

Жанр: Музыка
Green Dakara x The Boy and the Beast, Sashiire, Green Dakara X Bakemono No Ko, GREEN DA・KA・RA×バケモノの子
In the first ad titled "Sashiire" (Insertion or Present), a song tells the story: the brand's Green Dakara-chan and Mugi-chan enter the world of The Boy and The Beast, and they give Green Da-Ka-Ra mineral water and barley tea to the movie's main character Kyūta and his beast teacher Kumatetsu.
The first ad debuted online on Wednesday, and will air nationwide on Saturday. The second 15-second ad, "Market," will debut online and on television next Wednesday. Then, after the film itself opens on July 11, the campaign's website will present an exclusive 80-second version of the video.


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